Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weed, Not a Weed.

I did a bit of "gardening" this weekend. I'm putting the whole "gardening" thing in quotes because I'm not really sure if you can really call what I was doing "gardening" or not.

Sure, the pouring of the potting soil into a wood-framed flower bed and then planting the purple-ish plants that I picked up at Walmart counts for gardening. And the blowing off of the planting of the rosemary, mint and basil until it warms up next weekend (we have frost warnings this week -- FROST warnings!) can also, sort of still be considered gardening (of the non-gardening variety).

The rest of the time, I walked around the property, pulling up dead bits to let room for the growing bits to, um...grow. The problem is the only bits we really have growing are weeds.

Last weekend, a friend commented that our blue weeds kind of looked like blue bells. We decided to call them "Wild Blue Bells." The rest of the flowering weeds I've turned into a game called, "Weed, Not a Weed."

Come and play along...

Bluebell or 'Wild Bluebells'?

Forsythia or "Wild Forsythia"

Verbena or "Wild Verbena"?

And what the hell is all of this???



modernemama said...

a weed is just a flower in the wrong place (except for the damn suckers I pulled out yesterday. They are a bloody nuisance).

stewox said...

My sis bought a book called "Weeds of the North East", which I now have up at the farm. Feel free to borrow it.

modernemama said...

Update: Poison Ivy is a weed no matter what I said above!

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