Monday, August 11, 2008

When Life Gives You Limes...Make Caipirinhas!

Okay, so in the "You are so obnoxious because you think you're cool just because you not only know how to pronounce (and spell) caipirinha, but you also know how to make (and drink) one" category...

We've had a lot of problems getting the floors in (they really know how to limbo up in the big HV), so I haven't been much for posting lately. That, combined with a wedding in North Dakota, a white-water rafting trip to Maine, etc., etc., and well, we've just been busy.

But now that the floors are in, John is doing the careful balancing act of keeping the renos on track while trying to manage my sanity as our first summer in the country quickly dwindles down to perhaps, a nice long Labor Day weekend (Pray for sunshine people!!).

In light of all this, quite frankly, we need a drink.

For instructions on how to make a caipirnha, click here. Below John shows his masterful expertise at muddling the sugar and lime...sans muddler.

As far as how to drink one...I might recommend "Very carefully." Saude!

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Anonymous said...

By the way, I now have a muddler. Feel free to stop by and use it at any time. --Dave