Sunday, March 8, 2009

On Beavers, Mud & Sh*tkickers

Today's springtime adventure consisted of a visit to Downey Farm over Millerton-way, where our friend Dave informed us of a beaver "situation" at his property.

As he described it, a den of beavers had blocked up his creek and had begun building a dam, resulting in a lake forming on his property.

Ever eager for beaver (inside joke), we hoofed it on over there to trespass and tramp around Dave's property to have a general, all-around, look-see.

Even though Dave wasn't around, we figured the beavers were probably doing their dirty work right in the creek that runs right behind Dave's house. But upon further inspection (and no beaver sightings,) we were reminded that Dave's backyard actually consists of roughly 60 acres of farmland and set out "tramping" across Dave's farmland, trying to avoid stepping in cow pies, as well as goat and sheep pies. After that, we faced the perils of several lines of barbed wire fences (flashback to my cow-tipping days) to get to the back part of the property where we spotted something that looked sort of like a new lake.

Low and behold, we spotted a beaver swimming along and up into a little creek. But even though we had a camera in tow, we were unable to get a shot of the little bugger because I was too busy screaming with excitement, which sent the darn thing swimming upstream even quicker (I know, typical Citiot maneuver). We tramped around a bit more, spotting a pile of sticks and twigs and wondered whether it was a dam or the remnants of Dave undoing of the beavers' busy-work during the week.

On the way back to civilization, I realized that with this being the height of Mud Season and my tramping through mud, marsh, and cow poop and *still* having dry, happy feet, I really needed to give props to my pair of Keens (aka Sh*tkickers).

Above: You call them Keens, we call them Sh*tkickers

I bought these (admittedly ginormous) babies at the beginning of the Fall, and even though I thought they were overpriced ($100 and never on sale! Except here), these have been the BEST personal gear purchase thus far in my life as a Citiot in the Hudson Valley (and I'm not the only one who thinks these rock). Not only are they sooooo comfortable, they've kept my feet warm and dry all winter long, have a rubberized toe for tramping (and tripping/stumbling) purposes, and look good enough for follow-up chillin' over a cup of Joe at Millerton's Irving Farm Coffee House.

What can I say, more mud please!
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Anonymous said...

SO is that or is that not an original Dave Stewart beaver in the photo on top???

Christine H. said...

No, I ripped it off from the Internet.

That Tall Girl said...

I like your massive Keens! :)

And I am jealous of your mini wildlife adventure!

Timothy Reed said...

We are *all* Eager for Beaver

Anonymous said...

Tell you friend that if the beavers establish themselves they may turn his property into a wetland and that will prevent him from being able to move them off, or for him to do much of anything with it, making its value plummet. Just a thought from a professional geologist and former environmental consultant. He does not want to become a victim of "taking by the government. Also I have seen beavers kill full grown oaks by girdling them.