Monday, July 7, 2008

Get Me to the Church on Time

On Saturday we needed another excuse to go up to the house (other than to watch the wood climatize), and so we ended up taking a little visit to a church on Rt. 27 that's going up for auction. We've often driven by this little church and it's a real charmer from the outside, just a lovely and peaceful setting under some great big, beautiful Maple trees.

In typical real-estate speak, the listing boasts an Historic 1850's church "ready to be converted to a retreat or studio" (Read: This baby needs a lot of work!)..."The possibilities are endless!" (Read: We're talking gut-wrenching, gut renovation here, folks!!) Indeed. Sadly, while the church really is lovely on the outside, the latter-day Lutherans who last used the place in the 1950s had terrible taste in interior decor (linoleum floors, drop ceilings - oh the horror!) which must have surely put the end to the congregation -- I mean, who would show up for a pot-luck dinner in a place like that!?

Anyway, we made polite by taking the little info packet and checking out the outhouse and we truly hope someone with big vision and an even BIGGER pocketbook is able to restore this otherwise lovely country structure. For more details on the property and the auction, (including images of linoleum flooring over perfectly lovely painted wood floor boards) visit Copake Real Estate Auctions.

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