Thursday, July 17, 2008


So we've had major progress on the whole floor situation. Once climatized, our main man Mark (who wasn't sojourning in the South of France as I had suspected) got his crew of five guys together to put in the pine flooring in the house -- all to the uber-geeky tunes of The Monkees.

First bit of excitement was having a driveway full of cars and trucks (six in all!), it means that progress is seen here:

The second bit of excitement (aside from "Last Train to Clarksville") was seeing all of these guys pull together to get the flooring in on one and half-floors of house (I guess about 1,200 sq. ft.) in 1.5 days, start to finish. Here they are sawing the pine that will be lifted up through the window.

And best of all, when they left us (work-site immaculate, BTW), we got to take in the near finished product...FLOORGASM!

View above: The living area looking towards the new French doors, to be stained.

Watch the above space for when the kitchen is installed.
And below will be the view that our cooking goddess Jean will have as she prepares a meal for her peeps, Julia Child-style.

All I can say is..."Yeah, I'm a Believer!" (Thanks Mark and crew!)

Housekeeping Notes: John has mentioned to me that in a prior posting I said that "pine was cheap." He begs to differ as the bills from Herrington's came to a bit over $3K (YIKES!). But that includes pine for the entire main floor, plus new bedroom downstairs, as well as materials for window trim, nails, adhesive, etc. That said, Mark mentioned to us about some past client who spent $20K on wood flooring material (mahogany?) and another $20K on installation. (Gulp.)

Flack Alert (Here's the PR chick in me coming out, god I hate myself in these moments, but still...): A shameless shout-out needs to go to Herrington's; the contractors love them, they apparently discount, deliver and John loves the back-office folks who are quick to respond to any questions concerning billing, etc.

Next up is the guy who will strip, sand and refinish the floors. He enters the scene next Monday. We're going to let him work in seclusion so that no kitten paws get stained and the new floors don't get my Saskwatch-like foot prints in the polyurethane.

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