Thursday, June 19, 2008

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere...We Hope!

We're heading back Upstate tomorrow to swing by the house and check on the progress of renovations and to meet with Kenneth Young, our design maven/taste master (he basically makes sure any reno work we do is in "good taste." This week it includes looking at tiles for the fireplace hearth and getting approval on the kitchen and tiles that we have already purchased.

Mostly, I'm just excited to see how the flowers are doing, as things keep springing to life up there.

Below, you'll see my new bed of impatiens that I planted (after ripping out some rather sad pachysandra that got gobbled up by some rooty mess of somethingorother.) The impatiens are just left-overs from our city year I'll plant lavender and heather, maybe some rosemary, as well as plenty of mint for my mojitos!

In addition, here are some some of the incredible poppys that were planted by the previous owner (along with those purple irises and a ton of wildflowers). They are so gorgeous that we bought more seeds earlier this year (one of John's birthday gift for me :)) and we put them down in a few bald patches (result of digging to put in a propane tank and extra soil from said tank) around the property.

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