Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cat-n-Around Catskill

Finding ourselves in Catskill last Friday, we were introduced to the town's annual Cat-n-Around Catskill cats on display.

More than enjoying the free parking (well, our spot anyway), we had a lot of fun just running around and looking at all the fun cats.

In particular was Pat Feinman's Cat House Kitty (below), which we loved, because Pat designed our "fabulous" kitchen that we will love forever and she was smart and easy to work with. And even if Kenneth did nix the back splash tile, we did find some great replacements as well as other really cool tiles for the fireplace hearth. For more info about what Pat and Art do, visit Functional Sculpture.

While we were there, Pat's husband Art started talking about her jewelry line, which pretty much left my two male partners (a Scotsman and a Brit) at a complete loss for words. Truth be told, I was speechless too, in a "Wow, this isn't your normal small-town shop-talk banter" kind of way, rather than a "shocking, I'm just shocked" and shaking my head in a prudish recoiling kind of way.

The topic at hand (or wrist) had to do with Pat's newly-designed bracelets that look like a certain female body part ("Rhymes with Delores"). Made for the "woman who celebrates her femininity" (okay, I'm down with that), I'm sure there's a market for it and I'll be sure to check out the wrists on the gals in Park Slope the next time I'm back in the 'hood. Delores bracelets aside, she's got other gorgeous silver items like the less racy dragonflys.

Still, the cats in Catskill are supercool and we're hoping to make it to the big cat auction in September!

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