Saturday, November 1, 2008

Good Luck Marathoners!

Tim, Allison, Mary and Andrew

In September, we hosted our first group of friends up at the house since its post-reno phase. The majority of them being marathoners training for the NYC Marathon (Allison opts for endurance races, which are even LONGER than marathons...), they had to get in a "long run" during their weekend -- we're talking 18 miles long.

John, myself and Andrew toiled during the week prior to come up with a good running route for their training run. We came up with a route that we thought would be good - a loop and a half around Copake Lake, that took in the scenic views of "The Beauty Highway," and on back the country roads to our place.

I never had the chance to get out and see the route we set, but lately as John and I explore the back roads around our house (in a four-wheel drive, mind you), I've quite frankly been aghast at the route we mapped out for them -- these weren't rolling hills as I had originally thought, they were rolling MOUNTAINS. No wonder they were so wiped out when they finished their run.

So while I haven't apologized for the gaff of making them run up and down the hills that surround us, I know now that if it didn't kill them (nor did that bobcat they spotted on their run), hopefully it made them stronger for their 26.2 tomorrow in NYC.

Good luck guys!

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